AI-Software for your IP-Camera

Face Detection

Detect faces with your cameras in real-time. NeuroSurveillance can detect several faces at once.

Face Recognition

Recognise faces and train new ones by yourself. You can make NeuroSurveillance recognise any face you want.

Motion Detection

Detect any movement and set up a Motion Detection for specific object size.

Fast Alerts

Get alerted by E-Mail or smartphone when a specific face gets recognised or suspisious motion has been deteced.


NeuroSurveillance informs you about all unwelcome motions and persons entering your property.

  • Real-Time analysing of your camera data
  • Real-Time alerts via email or sms to stay informed when you are out
  • You can set up several alerts for each camera with specified settings
  • NeuroSurveillance attaches to every alert message images from the alerting camera
  • Alert-System
  • Motion Detection

    Track every movement in your footage

    • Agile Motion Detection
    • Specify your settings for optimal results
    • Noise protection to prevent false alarms
  • Motion Detection
  • Parallel Processing

    Subscribe multiple cameras simultaneously

    • You can analyse every camera data with specific settings
    • Activate license plate recognition for your parking area camera
    • Activate dog and cat recognition for garden
    • Activate face recognition for your door area
  • Parallel Processing
  • Privacy

    Be always in control of your data

    • We don't use cloud computing to minimize risk for data theft
    • All processing is done on the user device
    • No classifier data leaves the network
  • Privacy
    • FREE
      $0 /Lifetime
      Motion Detection
      Face Detection
      Face Recognition and Training
      E-Mail and Notification Alerts
      Support for two cameras
      $- /mo
      Everthing in FRE Version including:
      Multiple Camera Support
      SMS, Whatsapp and Telegram Alerts
      License plate recognition
      Camera address book


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